Bong Arz

free improvised Music

Bong Arz made music together since January 1983 and since October 1987 as a trio in an unchanged occupation. As such, we only played freely improvising. This was primarily a meeting in private. We came together at the home studio of our keyboardist.

In March 2013 our gitarrist Herbert Holzkämper died. Without him there is no Bong Arz possible anymore. This special musical interaction of us three has come to an end by that.

We met to be joined up by our music in a special way. We always dived into a fascinating invigorating musical depth process. This we received as an open up to an extension of ourselves. A field in which we could allow ourselves to experience at the same time personal freedom, personal strength and togetherness. For each of us this was an elementary enrichment of our lifes. We were grateful for our several decades of continuous musical communication and with a happy smile we looked onto a process of constant renewal and discovery.

Our name "Bong Arz" initially in the eighties meant to be a corruption of the french term "les beaux arts". It had nothing to do with the consumption of cannabis. During none of our sessions in the past decades we were under the influence of any drugs.

The term "free improvisation" we understood very broadly. Just like any other conversation, our musical conversations were free improvisations.